Vidéos de performance des centres et membres de l'ITI

Centre chinois de l'ITI
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Compilation video of Chinese dance repertoire
by Chinese Centre of ITI and China Dancers Association

Rite of Spring, by Yang Liping, Peacock Contemporary Dance Company, China
The Twelve Souls of Time, Beijing Modern Dance Company, China
Offering, directed by Gao Yanjinzi, produced by Cheng Qingsong, Wang Sha, Beijing Modern Dance Company, China
Blooming of Time, choreographed and directed by Gao Yanjinzi, Beijing Modern Dance Company, China

Four samples of Chinese dance ruminating on the passing of time, the vivacity of nature, and the spiritual hold the changing of the seasons have on us as humans, from ancient times to the present day.
Centre colombien de l'ITI
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Compilation video of Colombian dance repertoire

An excerpt from the play Flowers for Kazuo Ohno (and Leonard Cohen), by Marie France Delieuvin, Álvaro Restrepo, Ricardo Bustamante, Compañía del Cuerpo de Indias, Colombia
La Ciudad de Los Otros, Sankofa Danzafro, Colombia
La mirada del avestruz, choreographed and directed by Tino Fernández, L’Explose Danza, Colombia
Más muertos que vivos, Danfroc Corporación Cultural, Colombia
Consejo Argentino de la Danza
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Gala de Ballet Virtual

Carnaval de Venecia, Edgardo Trabalón, Karina Olmedo
Almario, Choreographed by Alejandra García, Sibila – Alejandra García
Homenaje a la Milonga, choreographed and directed by Daniel Suárez, Alejandra Armenti, Corporación Tango
En cualquier tiempo que sea, choreographed and directed by Glenda Casaretto – Fernando Muñoz, Compañía Federal de Danzas
Centre croate de l'ITI
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Compilation video of Contemporary Dance during the Pandemic
By Art Organization Škvadra

U bazenu po doma (The pool at home), 29 April 2020
Short video from Škvadra, inspired by materials from their cancelled performance “The Pool”, made at home quarantine to inspire those in lockdown.

Punopravno (Full right), 19 September 2020
Artists in Croatia are often pushed into the margins and forced to find their own work spaces; this dance intervention attempts to highlight these issues.

Bazen (The pool), 11 September 2020
Inspired by a “homeless” skate culture and ever diminishing cultural communal resources in Zagreb, Škvadra dedicates this creative process to the urban artists of the city.

Pierottijeva 11 (Pierottie’s 11), September 2020
This short film was made as an extension of Škvadra’s interest in the lack of working space for artists in Zagreb.

Let it šou (Let it show), 25 December 2020
A Christmas card from Škvadra made for an online programme of the Dance Week Festival 2020. Co-produced with the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance.
Centre chypriote de l'ITI
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Compilation video of Contemporary Cyprus Dance
by Echo Arts
Direction & Choreography: Arianna Economou

A compilation video featuring some of the best of Cypriot dance and dance culture.

Performer: Photis Nicolaou
Visual Artist: Horst Weierstall

An example of contemporary Cypriot dance culture.

Sketching a Dance / The World of Cyprus with Women (Trailer)
The choreographic research draws inspiration from the sketch “The World of Women” by painter Adamantios Diamantis (1900 – 1994), and is intended to be an expression of female empowerment.
Centre estonien de l'ITI
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Eden Detail
Premiere: Kanuti Gildi Saal, 1 February 2021
Choreography, Concept, and Dramaturgy: Jette Loona Hermanis, Johhan Rosenberg

Eden Detail is a performative fable – an archeology of the subconsciousness, exploring post-colonialism, the environment, and the world we now find ourselves in.
Centre de l'ITI de la République de Corée
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Compilation video by Korean National Ballet
Presented by Kang Suejin, Artistic Director of Korean National Ballet

A compilation video featuring some of the best Korean Ballet Highlights.

Amadeus Concerto, Song Jungbin
Go your own way, Shin Seungwon
Ogamdo, Park Nari
Almond, Kim Nayeon
Quartet of the Soul, Park Seulki
Seasons; Spring, Lee Youngcheol
Into the Pulse, Kang Hyohyung
Giselle, Patrice Bart
Le Corsaire, Song Jungbin
Sleeping Beauty, Márcia Haydée
Heo Nanseolheon, Kang Hyohyung
Centre nord-macédonien de l'ITI
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Compilation video of dance performances

Presented by Produkcija

Video programme with Iskra Šukarova, Saša Evtimova, Ivana Balabanova, Matea Kiselička, Leonardo Huseini, Bojan Micev, Jana Petrovska, Mihailo Apostolov, Ivanka Apostolova Baskar.
Philippines Centre of ITI

Video presentation and dance performances
Earthsavers UNESCO DREAM Center, Philippines
Halili-Cruz School of Ballet, Philippines

An offering from the Philippines Centre of ITI, including some of the defining examples of Filipino dance culture.
Centre espagnol de l'ITI
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Presented by Instituto Universitatio Alicia Alonso
BCM Ballet de Cámara de Madrid
Choreography by Jose Manuel Buzón

A dance offering from the Spanish Centre of ITI.
Centre suisse de l'ITI
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Dance to Ward Off the Plague
Nuit Blanche

Choreography, image capture, and projection by Juliana Moraes
Dancer: Andrea Herdeg
Pianist: Andre Desponds
Music: Maurice Ravel, Gaspar de la Nuit: Le Gibet

A dance, created in Zurich and projected in Sao Paolo, Brazil, on 2nd March 2020 during the Pandemic.
Centre britannique de l'ITI
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The Storm
Choreography by James Wilton
Music by Amarok

James Wilton Dance is a dance company formed in 2010 to spread an athletic and inspiring brand of dance. Its performance work goes hand-in-hand with extensive education and participation work both in person and online.

Projets spéciaux

Magpie Dance, Royaume-Uni
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Gloria, Magpie Dance, UK
by Magpie Dance Company,
Choreography by Kenneth McMillan
Performed at The Space London and in collaboration with the Royal Opera House.

Magpie Dance is the UK’s leading dance charity for people with learning disabilities. They believe that a learning disability should not be a barrier to personal and artistic success. Through dance, participants gain life, social and communication skills with added health and wellbeing benefits.

Gloria is based on Sir Kenneth MacMillan’s First World War ballet of the same name and was created to mark Remembrance Day, November 2019. The work-in-progress was livestreamed for World Ballet Day 2019 and this excerpt was performed at The Place, London, 22nd February 2020.
The Thread, Russell MALIPHANT & Vangelis
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The Thread, Russell MALIPHANT & VANGELIS
Artistic Direction & Choreography: Russell Maliphant
Music: Vangelis

Celebrated choreographer and Sadler’s Wells Associate Artist Russell Maliphant collaborates with Oscar-winning composer Vangelis for this stunning new work.

Inspired by ancient mythology and set to explosive electronic music, this contemporary dance production explores changing forms of traditional Greek dance. The acclaimed creative team includes artistic conception from Georgia Iliopoulou; lighting by Michael Hulls; and costume design by Mary Katrantzou.

Vidéos de personnalités de la communauté mondiale de la danse et d'anciens auteurs de messages