The main event of International Dance Day may be organized at UNESCO or at a place chosen by ITI, in Paris, or at another location. Since 2005 for most of the main events of International Dance Day the message author was present. Since 2009 the main events has included performances by or associated with the message author.

This year, this is the first time that the ITI plans to create a three-day artistic program with local and international performances in addition to educational activities, including workshops, forums, speeches and lectures for students.

The theme for the celebration of the International Dance Day 2017 is "We, Dance Together". In line with UNESCO's and ITI's commitments to inclusion and universal participation, we are inviting disability dance troupes to produce with internationally renowned dancers from around the world.

>>Brochure of the event in Shanghai

>>Programme of the event

>>Video of the event in Shanghai, 2017

>>Photo of the event in Shanghai, 2017